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Buying A Home: What Items Are Included In The Sale?

If you are a first time home buyer, you may be surprised to find out what is and is not included in a standard home sale. In the majority of cases, mostly everything that is built into the home including lighting, door hardware and physical structures (sheds, etc.) will stay. However, it is wise to get clarification. Here is our top advice on handling inclusions with a home sale.


The MLS Listing

A great place to start your research is the real estate listing. Typically a Realtor who is acting on behalf of the seller will list all items that are included in the sale within the home’s listing. In this post, you might find the appliances listed or the acronym ‘ELFs’, which means ‘existing light fixtures’.


If you have your eye on something that isn’t included in the listing then alert your agent so that you can ask for it to be included within your negotiations. Or the item can even be negotiated into a separate deal after the fact.


Ask About Appliances

In most cases, appliances are included in the sale of a home. Unless of course you are buying a new build then depending on the building and package, you might be on the hook to purchase your own, but be sure to talk to your home builder.


For resale purposes, appliances are almost a given, but there is a catch. In some circumstances, the listing may specify that appliances are included. However, that doesn’t stop the buyer from taking their appliances and replacing with others that might not be in the condition you were expecting. It’s uncommon, but definitely, something that you should ask about. Our recommendation would be to stipulate that the existing appliances stay, or are to be replaced with comparable models if the owners wish to take theirs.


Window Coverings & Blinds

This can end up being another tricky item during the sale of a home. Fortunately, you can save yourself a headache that you can save yourself by asking a few pointed questions. The MLS listing may specify that window coverings are included, but it doesn’t hurt to get an inventory in writing. In some cases, it might just mean that affixed items such as blinds and California shutters are included but drapes and more decorative pieces are not. Get an itemized listing from the seller that clearly identifies what is staying and what is going just to be safe.


Unique Items, Decor & More

It’s best not to assume that those one-of-a-kind handles on the kitchen cupboards will be included in the home sale. As mentioned above, it’s always best to ask specific questions about anything that you would like to come with the home.


The seller can easily replace items such as mirrors, furniture, drawer pulls and cupboard handles when they move out. If you can’t live without that mirror in the bathroom then it is best to make mention during the negotiation.


As a buyer, you can ask that almost anything is included in the sale of the home. The sky is the limit and you don’t know if you don’t ask. If you tour a home and like the exact couch and decor items, you can try to negotiate its inclusion. The seller might not be willing to put it in the sale transaction. But, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to do a separate negotiation to sell it to you privately. Just ask the question. The worst you can be told is no!