Marketing That Makes Sense

Marketing your home well is the key to a quick and successful sale. Your home is unique, and so are the buyers who are coming to see it. In order to attract the right buyer and get 100% value for your property, we take every measure to advertise your home to its full potential.


Pricing Your Home

The single most effective way to position your home well in the real estate market from the beginning is to price your home correctly. We do a thorough assessment of your entire property to strategically list your home at a price that will encourage offers and bring you the highest return on your investment. 


Effective Staging 

We’ll show you exactly how to stage your home accordingly so that we entice serious, qualified buyers who are likely to bid on your property. Quality staging will elevate your market position and help to attract an abundance of high offers, and ultimately secure a better price for the same house.

We work with the most highly recommended cleaners, declutterers, and interior decorators in the GTA to make sure your home shows 10/10. In addition, our marketing packages include 

  • Professional photography
  • Professional videography
  • 3D Virtual tours
  • Detailed floor plans 
  • And more

Scent Marketing

We take a non-traditional approach to every aspect of real estate, and incorporating alluring scents as a part of our staging process is one unique way we elevate your home’s presence. 

Why Scent Marketing?

  • 35% higher likelihood of memory recall from scent than any of the other senses
  • 75% of human emotions are triggered by scent 
  • 65% of people can recall a scent after one year compared to 50% for visual recollection 

By dispersing specific and strategic scents throughout your property, we’re able to subtly yet effectively influence buyers’ decisions and encourage more offers for better value. 

Digital Marketing

In addition to show-stopping staging, we use the most effective digital marketing techniques to broadcast your home online.

We advertise your property through powerful sponsored social media marketing which gets your home in front of thousands of online buyers. By targeting specific users that match your home’s target buyer demographics and geography criteria, we’re able to make the most of our advertising resources to showcase your property to the right audience.

We aggressively advertise your home on all major social media platforms including:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Youtube

Of course, we post your listing on all syndication websites including the Re/Max site, the second most trafficked real estate website aside from the MLS. With Re/Max offices in 95 countries and a website translated into 40 different languages offering 50 different currency options, your listing will be advertised to a global pool of potential buyers.


See How We Sell


When you choose to work with our team, we work day-in and day-out to sell your home, never turning down an open house opportunity, consistently following up with prospective buyers, and negotiating with agents to broker the best deal on your behalf. 


We’ve developed a strong network of real estate professionals across Durham region and Toronto that we’re consistently able to sell our clients’ homes exclusively within our network without your property ever going on the market.


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