Name: Asim Ebrahimi

Phone: 416-856-0714

Position: Realtor


Asim entered the working world as a real estate professional 15 years ago, and has only worked in real estate ever since. With such a passion for helping people reach their goals, Asim has supported hundreds of homeowners in the Durham region through countless buying and selling situations over the years.

Having spent a decade and a half learning the ins-and-outs of real estate, Asim has become an expert in the local market, and has developed a keen insight into the industry. He uses his unique experience to anticipate client needs and tailor every process to each individual, addressing every concern and stopping at nothing to ensure his clients are able to achieve their dreams.

As a Durham resident working and raising his family in the region, Asim cares deeply about making real connections with the clients he represents. Helping buyers and sellers through providing honest, trustworthy real estate services, Asim is able to develop meaningful relationships and contribute to the growth of the local community.

While working in real estate allows Asim to connect with a diverse number of Durham residents, he also feels incredibly rewarded by the volunteer work he does in the region.


Fashion Paws

In 2019, self-proclaimed dog-lover Asim and his family organized a canine fashion show, Fashion Paws, and raised thousands of dollars for the Humane Society of Durham Region. 




As someone who is dedicated to doing what’s best for the community, Asim also volunteers his time to work with Durham residents facing addiction challenges. Asim works tirelessly to help make the community an inclusive, supportive place for everyone who lives here by supporting initiatives that are bettering the lives of Durham community members who may need it most. 



When Asim isn’t helping homeowners or volunteering, he spends his time with his wife, Layal, his baby boy, Ayson, and their dog, Fluffy—the family rescue. Asim’s family is the driving force behind all his work efforts, both in real estate, and in his passionate causes. 


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