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Tips For Selling Your Home During COVID-19 

It’s no secret that the. market is hot right now. Home’s are selling for top dollar at a record pace, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t still a strategy behind the sale. Selling your home during COVID-19 brings its own level of complexity to the market. Both you and your Realtor will need to adapt and work together to make your sale a successful one. 

Tried & True Tactics

While it may seem redundant to mention decluttering and staging, these tactics still have a foothold in the market. You want your home to appeal to a prospective buyer, which means depersonalizing. Removing family photos, kid toys, pet items and those unique statement pieces that perfectly speak to your individual style will help set a neutral tone for the ideal buyer to feel right at home.


We highly recommend using a professional staging company to transform your home before it hits the market. This isn’t to say that your personal taste isn’t appealing to the masses. It has just been proven that time and time again, staged homes see increases in perceived value. From furniture placement to the pieces chosen, every element of staging is strategically placed to maximize the space and show a buyer how the space could be utilized. 

Selling Your Home Through A Screen

Anxiety and restrictions of COVID-19 and limited opportunity for open houses means that your home needs to make a big splash online. Now more than ever, buyers are making preemptive decisions about purchasing your home before they even set foot inside. Your home needs to feel light, bright and airy. The listing photos need to be impeccable. From first sight to the first swipe, your home needs to demand buyer attention. What they see through the screen will determine if they will schedule a showing or not. 

Virtual Walkthroughs

This is a great tool to lure in potential buyers. Whether it’s a prerecorded video walkthrough or an interactive floor plan with 360° imagery, virtual tours are a huge asset. Some homes have even sold using only the virtual tour – crazy, right?! Rather than giving the buyer just enough to entice them to come to see your home, you’re solidifying the experience and further capturing their attention. They can now sit in the comfort of their own home, all while envisioning themselves in yours. Although it’s not the same as a physical tour, amidst the challenging times of a global pandemic, it’s the perfect tool to help your home sell quickly.

You don’t have to go it alone. If you’re looking to make your next move, we’re here to help!